A breach of uncertainty, & a certificate of preservation, get your tech-shields up and safe guard your credentials, take look to some of our available Cyber S Security services.


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Z’s cyber security skills extends to analysing and spotlighting the main threats that a system could be breached through, in addition to identifying the keys to resolve such threats and eliminate them. Moreover, Z issues a full security and risk analysis report that contains all of the weakness of a specified system.

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Cyber Security

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Report Generation

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Z-Novation Pentesting


The process of evaluating a company’s cyber security is the basic foundation for selecting our approach to the refurbishment process, as every upgrade begins with an assessment of an already installed system. That is why our pros will always place our client’s security into instantaneous risks and breakthroughs testing its controls over its These kinds of analyses assist our professionals to undertake the vital approaches for the renovation of the previously installed surveillance structure.

  • Pentesting
  • security assessments
  • Vulnerability Scanning
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Z-Novation Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Every security is an implicit insurance contract toward IT systems all over the world and as every contract can be breached, that is why we here at the 101 Co. make sure that our binding agreements are never broken with strict and disciplinary codes that are can never be subject to having and theft threats or even casual penetration-testing.

  • Risk Analysis
  • Firewalls
  • Malware Detection
  • VPN
Z-Novation Eport Generation

Report Generation

experiments are constructed, carried over and can never be concluded or useful without an end debriefing that stockpiles informative data applicable for analysis, these descriptive breakdowns offer direct advices toward the growth and the how-to continuation process of IT surveillance and preservation for every client.

  • Threat Analysis
  • Breach-ability Analysis
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Z-Novation Consultance


From the wide array of choices of design to the developing languages that could be resorted the variety can be irritating, confusing and time consuming. To save you the hassle and your precious effort, with the aid of our specialists its our delight to offer our clients the most respectful endorsement that can be up to use for every kind of situation, offering each client deliberate advices on his Front & Back End, UX, and even his outlook and designs.

  • Guidance
  • Technology Selection

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