Take a glimpse on the bunch of young enthusiastic visionaries who altered their futures and their collaborators’ into extraordinary ones by hard-work, coffee, faith and endless passion.


The 101 Company

We here as interrelated teams in the 101 Company proudly and passionately empower our clients’ business activities by implementing need-base software solutions which are suitable & relevant for every functional, separate work filed aspect. Helping the advancement of business operations to a new level of progression & work standards.

Z-Novation Team

Hesham EL-Shazly

CEO & Founder Z Novation

A passionate & expert team, encouraging working environment, interesting project ideas are the perfect ingredients that has led to our success over the past year. The expectations I awaited from our team at z novation have always backed up the promises I gave to our prestigious clients; ensuring a solid work relationship.

Z-Novation Team

Gaser Abu Zeid

CMO & Co - Founder Z Novation

A person who never made a mistake never tried anything

Z-Novation Team

Nadia Hossam

CDO & Co-Founder - Z Novation

Titles are for people unwilling to redefine the world, so let’s just say I bleed creativity and adventure with a touch of bluntness and minimalism. I have been in love with art and design since the day I picked up my first crayon. Being a designer, or a maker, is my ultimate passion in life and when I am not in front of my laptop, I can be found drinking outrageous amounts of coffee, styling outfits, or searching out the next destination to travel to. And yes, bad kerning and typography does keep me up at night.

Z-Novation Team

Mohamed Shafie

Managing Partner & Business Development Director Z Novation

Technology is our language nowadays, the new era is all about technology & systems. It became the most crucial channel for growth, expansion of prosperity, so I believe that Z Novation value is not only about what the company provides, But is also about our contribution to the whole world. Making people's life easier is our aim, making them satisfied is what we guarantee. " you never lose, either you win or you learn"

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