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Z Novation, a leading Tech company founded in 2016, is a full-stack development company with 5 main departments. Whatever you are looking for in the digital world we are your ultimate vendor.

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Custom Softwares, Websites, and Mobile Apps development

Z’s software solutions assure that u stay connected to your customers through our universe of E-Commerce, E-Learning, E-Booking services. Whether it’s a simple website, a sophisticated platform, or anything in between; we will get your sales going.

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Things We Do Well

Custom Hardware, FPGAS, Robotics, and Micro Controllers Development

The synergy of the software and hardware always exists, that is why our team have never could disregarded that. Here at the Z-Tech. department some of the best if not the best hardware engineers reside. Our skills are apparent as our engineers are capable of forming and manipulating Micro-controllers & even FPGA (Field programmable Gate array) boards which are utilized in the most adaptive and selectively advanced hardware production to date.

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Things We Do Well

Custom UI/UX, Branding, and Social Media Designs.

Being representable and good looking has always been a one up and a main goal for human beings, people would always get attracted to the looks, that is part of our human nature. Individual would keep looking for the website with the best looking and most accessible user interface . That is a reason why every successful and widely used apps and sites will always be user friendly even if it could be considered unprofessional from developers point of views.

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